Travail avec la communauté (en)

In January 2003 we traveled to the island, financed by the prize for development. During two weeks we carried out acting and video workshops, which allowed strong ties of trust to flourish with the islanders and to make the casting of natural actors for the movie. It aslo got the community involved with the logic of the audiovisual production. In groups they wrote their own stories and produced film-minutes, in which they acted and did their own camera work and sound.

The publicity power that the film offers is its strongest point. The single aim of the project in to make the people's situation known, shown from their own point of view.

The idea is to reinvest the money for this production in Providence, paying the islanders for the services: Lodgment, food, personal hygiene and transport. Furthermore, our purpose is to include them as part of the film crew. This is why the first stage of the pre-production will consist of a series of training workshops, with the aim of making the islanders the executors of this project.With the potential profits from this film, we shall settle the accounts corresponding to the public and private investments, and the rest shall be invested in the carrying out of  a school estimated for 2016. This will promote work on the island, as well as its visibility worldwide. We want to found an audiovisual school in order to give the native community of Providence the opportunity to make their voices heard. Because the communities identities are what allow us to understand the importance of diversity.

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