Keyla is nominated in Warsaw Film Festival

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Thanks to the support of the Javeriana University and Atico Center, Keyla is now at one step to finish its sound design.


Professionals sound engineers  Jose Jairo Florez, Carolina Ortiz; compositors Daniel Velasco and Elkin Robinson (and others) are finishing to give shape to Keyla's sound universe.

Photography by Juan Pablo Velasco.

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The TFI Latin America Fund provides grants, professional guidance and an entrance into the US industry to scripted, documentary, animated, or hybrid feature-length films from innovative film and video artists living and working in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

Dear friends,

12 years ago I discovered the island of Providence and was fascinated by its magic. It is a 17km square island in the Caribbean, which is a biosphere reserve with a population descendant of British, African and Spanish. Thanks to this cultural mixture they have many stories and legends of spirits and pirates and a particular language: creole.

Among the curious things that happen in Providence there is one that has impacted me. Many foreign women (although it also happens to some men) are fascinated with the place and the islanders. They stay for a while, fall in love and have children there. But after a period, they get tired and return to their country of origin, taking the children with them. This causes broken families, children who grow up away from their fathers and siblings, some of them have years without  visiting the land of their birth.

To explore these fragmented families composed by islanders fathers and continental mothers of a developed country, is what drives me to make this film. These stories are often painful, but they are interesting because of the mixed cultures and different ways of seeing life. I invite you to know more about this through the Keyla's story and to support this film.


Keyla  lives with her father in Providence island, in the Colombian Caribbean, a land of pirates. On her 17th birthday she keeps waiting for him to celebrate, he went out to the sea but he did not return. While Keyla looks for him, she receives an unexpected visit: from Spain arrives her father’s ex-wife with her son Francisco, Keyla’s half-brother. Together they discover that their father has kept a map from Morgan the pirate, indicating the location of a hidden treasure. Together they embark on this search and on this trip they accept themselves as siblings. 

This film is the story about a family that has been broken, but come together because of the disappearance of one of its members. 


KEYLA is the first fiction movie ever filmed in Providence. We want to show the world the magic of this island and its special culture.It is a part of Colombia, that has not been very important for the government, until two years ago, when  Colombia nearly lost the islands to Nicaragua on a territorial dispute  in The Hague’s International Criminal CourtThey did not conquer the islands but they snatched 75.000 km of territorial sea from the islander’s territory. The film talks about this conflict. It also gives the opportunity for Providence people to show its nonconformity with the exterior politics that took their ancestral territory.

This film is also the first project of OLD PROVIDENCE SCHOOL, a non-profit foundation. The profit generated by the film distribution will be dedicated to encourage the island’s educational  and employment future projects. Because education is a universal right that every world citizen should have.


With your contribution you can help the realization of Providence Island’s first film. Through this film, the islanders will get to show their island and culture. It will be a communicative product to generate interest and attract ecotourism; promote future projects with the idea of getting a self-sustainable economy. It is a community that needs a lot of support in education, health, recreation, sports and culture. Keyla’s generated profits, with your support, will be reinvested at a school in Providence.


There are many people working on this project from different parts of the world. But we need more and more participants because we need all the money of this campaign to achieve our goal, shoot the film. Then comes another challenge: getting funds for the post production, but we are confident that with a good editing of the material we record, film production companies, festivals and cultural funds as well as private companies will want to support us for the premiere of "Keyla"  will be a reality worldwide. We are perseverant and are willing to knock on every door.

Each contribution is a stone that we put on the road, we need a lot !!!! So your donation is important and it’s also important that you can share this campaign.

Make your friends, and all your contacts know us, this must become a wave! Talk about it on your social events, share i ton your social networks, dream and work with us !!!